Computational Vision Course 2014 @ CSHL

Yesterday marked the start of the 2014 summer course in COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE: VISION at Cold Spring Harbor. The course was founded in 1985 by Tony Movshon and Ellen Hildreth, with the goal of inspiring new generations of students to address problems at the intersection of vision, computation, and the brain. The list of past attendees is impressive.

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Methods in Computational Neuroscience @ Woods Hole

Next week, Evan Archer and I are off to Woods Hole, MA for the Methods in Computational Neuroscience  (MCN 2011) course, organized by Adrienne Fairhall (U. Washington) and Michael Berry (Princeton).

You can get a sense of what we’ll be up to from the provisional schedule (schedule.pdf).  I lecture during the first week, which will focus on “neural coding”.  After that, I head back to the simmering Texas Cauldron, but Evan gets to stay for the whole month—lucky Evan!  Be careful not to O.D. on bioluminescence