Every Neuron is Special

A couple of weeks ago I presented

A category-free neural population supports evolving demands during decision-making

by David Raposo, Matthew Kaufman and Anne Churchland.  By “categories” they are referring to some population of cells whose responses during an experiment seem to be dominated by one or two of the experimental variables. The authors refer to these types of categories as functional categories.

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Memming to speak at Joint Statistical Mtg (Aug 1, 11)

If you happen to be in Miami Beach, FL and have had enough of sun, sand and Art Deco, come hear Memming speak about “Spike Train Kernel Methods for Neuroscience” at the JSM 2011, in a Monday session on Statistical Modeling of Neural Spike, organized by Dong Song (USC) and Haonan Wang (Colorado State).

Memming will speak about kernel-based methods for clustering, decoding, and computing distances between spike trains, which he started during his Ph.D. at U. Florida with José Príncipe.